Most of us dread hearing or encountering anything that is related to mathematics, do you realize the importance of mathematics in our daily life? Mathematics is applied to every aspect, field, and profession. The subject math is an integral subject from Grade 1 in the school, and some of us wonder why do kids in grade 1 need to do mathematics from such young age. The answer to this is the mathematical thinking and it is scientifically proven to build the brain, just like weight training helps in building muscles, therefore from grade 1 students are made to think mathematically to build a strong base as mathematics is applied to every aspect, field, and profession.

Math Grade 1, Math in grade 2 and Math in Grade 3 teaches and builds the basic base of mathematics which includes addition, multiplication, division and subtraction which take place in our day to day lives.

Math in grade 4, Math in grade 5 and Math in Grade 6 and onwards gives you essential skills like logical reasoning, problem-solving skills and the ability to think in abstract ways.

Math is the tool and language of commerce, engineering, and other sciences. The light bulb used by all of us in our daily lives is one of the useful inventions in history which could have been only possible through mathematics. Chapters of mathematics like probability, algebra, geometry, etc which are in Math grade 6, math grade 7 and math grade 8 are some of the most important chapters in mathematics which helps in the field of engineering and management.

The computer- In UK over 25 million people use a computer every day; all computer are made by software which is designed by a code and made of numbers and letters its little bit like algebra which is tough in grade 5.

Mathematics is everywhere in our lives, Modern technology, Money, Banking, and entertainment wouldn’t exist without mathematics. Without mathematics, life as we all know it would be very different.

Math is also very important in playing different types of indoor and outdoor games like carrom, hockey, cricket, etc.

In all of the above games, you need to know right angles to place a ball or the striker in the right place.

Therefore, all students reading this article irrespective of your Grade and age start taking math seriously, and parents reading this article help your children in grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3 to understand mathematics to build a stronger base so that they can good in their respective fields of work.