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GrowGrades provides assistance in the initial learning of your child by offering informative videos to gain knowledge which will work as a robust foundation for your children and help them in their higher education. Our instructors are keen to make better future for your generation by the latest teaching gadgets which will evolve your child’s learning ability.


GrowGrades engaging activities helps your child with mathematics and comprehension skills which is basic foundation.


study material which includes videos,work sheets, study plan guide, course outline and other leaning material for your childs learning.


Connect with us via chat on facebook or instagram and you can contact us throug mail all your queries will be answered.


GrowGrades family often arrange interactive sessions for general learning of your child.however we also discuss overall growth of

Plan and Manage

Plan and Manage

Continous Growth to Succeed

Consistent learning is a way to proficiency No matter who we are or where we are, learning empowers us to change and grow and redefine what’s possible. That’s why access to the best learning is a right, not a privilege. We shall provide a environment to students to adopt growth mindset to tackle with challenges and critical thinking with a creative mind. .

Focused Learning

All Round Development

We focus on all learning aspects of your children for instance their communication skills development, problem solving activities, indulging them in team-work etc, which will help them to become a socially responsible grown-up.

Focused Learning
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GrowGrades goes beyond teaching. In its place, children actively grow better thinking assistances while continuing self-sufficiently through a carefully created, GrowGrades prospectus. Reading programs cover everything from counting to basic math, and science, reading, writing and great grammar. The worksheets allow children to learn new thoughts on their own.
GrowGrades is for primary education so 3 to 11-year-old children can get admission.
The most significant step you can take is to assistance your child starts a routine by scheduling daily "GrowGrades time.” To encourage your child, you'll want to rejoice and acclaim wins and progress, big or maintain regular communication with your teacher about homework be motivating towards your children.

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Tutors are supposedly the quintessence of confidence and assurance and they play a vital role in your child’s education Moreover, we're not only supposed to embody those qualities but we're supposed to imbue our students with them. In this hard times where world is going through a pandemic students and parents are applying for online studies. Online studies are being opt at every level of education weather its college or school or primary people are using it and using it very efficiently like never before. At the same time where students are strengthening their grip at online platforms for learning teachers are finding it challenging and transforming themselves to teach online and they are transforming successfully. To contribute our society, the GrowGrades family has come up with online education that serve basic education to the children to make their education foundation great they can compete fearlessly in their higher education. However, GrowGrades not only keep eye on student’s academics but we try to make student confident and try to make to socially more involve into society .

22 Aug, 2020

Now offering Maths, Science and English courses.

GrowGrades is offering mathematics, science and english courses from scrach to depth of the subjects which will help your child to learn variety of sub-branches of each subject in a fun way.

15 Jul, 2020

Teaching criteria.

GrowGrades not only teach your child but focus on childs over all grooming,by not only teaching them but involving them in the learning process and tell them their social responsibility as future citizen how to deal with life.

05 Jan, 2020

Teachers at GrowGrades

Teachers at GrowGrades know's that every individual child learning capabilities are diffrent from each other and diffrent so teacher are interactive with each of thier student and try to make them a socialy socially responsible grown up.

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